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The Profit Hacking Formula

Remember the movie Back To The Future? It’s one of my favorite movies (I actually love all 3 of them) and I vividly remember one part in particular. Early in the film, Doc Brown explains to Marty how he was standing on his toilet trying to hang a clock in his bathroom. In his attempt, he […]

The #1 Reason Your Shopify Store Isn’t Making More Money….

Imagine if in 1908 after building the Model T, top management at Ford declared: “We have built the ultimate in automobiles. Further improvement is impossible. Therefore, all experimental engineering and designing activities are hereby permanently terminated.” I wonder how long a car company would have survived with an attitude like that (or how long one […]

What’s Your Purpose for Doing Anything In Life?

Feel into the ultimate desire you have for your life. Right now. Close your eyes and see it. Touch it. Taste it. Feel why you are doing anything at all in life. While re-reading one of David Dieda’s books, I was prompted to do this and it caused pause and reflection.   Deep in thought, inspiration […]