You Can Now Affordably & Easily Begin Running A/B Tests on Your Shopify Store….

….if you’ve been wanting to run A/B tests on your site for awhile but still aren’t, there is now something available that can get you quickly & easily started.

Even if no one on your team has experience using an A/B testing software tool, you can have an effective testing campaign in place by the end of October.

If you want to maximize the success of the coming Black Friday & holiday season, winning a few tests in October and early-mid November would provide a significant boost to revenue earned + customers gained.

You see, there are only 3 “ingredients” necessary to execute an effective A/B testing strategy on a Shopify Store:

(1) The Right Tool to Run + Manage A/B tests

(2) The Right Strategy & Direction to Run An Effective Campaign

(3) Expert Execution by Developers with Experience Using ‘The Right Tool’ Specifically on Shopify Stores

While it may sound simple, it isn’t always so simple to make into reality. There are some very real hurdles and obstacles for each of these 3 ingredients.

When navigated well, A/B testing can be a very high returning investment…..but when things complications arise (usually from a lacking in one of the 3 ingredients) then testing can be an expensive drain of money, energy, and time.

There is now a way for you to instantly get each of the 3 key ingredients for your business & quickly be able to begin executing A/B tests at a high level.

If you’ve been wanting to start running A/B tests on your Shopify site, schedule a 30 minute call with me:

Click Here To Schedule Your Call and…..

note that we only have 6 remaining accounts left available…..


Filling these 6 spots is our #1 business goal for October (and since beginning to run paid traffic to this page, multiple calls are being scheduled daily).

We recommend scheduling at your earliest convenience because once these remaining spots are gone, they’re gone…..

(…well truthfully, once they’re gone we’ll have a ‘Wait List’ for people who are interested in being first contacted when an account becomes available [fyi: accounts typically get filled for 6 – 9 months at a time])

Note: if you want to win a few tests before the coming Black Friday & holiday season, then you will want to be in one of the currently available 6 as opposed to on the wait list.


If you’ve been wanting to begin experiencing the profit increases that come with every test you win, Click Here To Schedule Your Call.

If You’re Reading This & Thinking: “Who The Hell You & Why Would Anyone Want to Schedule A Call With You?”

Great questions! I ask myself these pretty much every day when I wake up in the morning ha

My name is Steven Daar. Over the past 4 years, I have created A/B testing strategies for companies as big as Fortune 500s & as small as pre-revenue startups.

About two years ago I decided to focus specifically on Shopify ecommerce stores. Both Google & Bing now rank me highly for searches like “Shopify Conversion Optimization”.

Also, my book Profit Hacking spent over 16 months on Amazon’s best seller rankings in the ‘Web Marketing’ and ‘Ecommerce’ categories.



If you are interested in seeing if you can get A/B testing up and running on your site ASAP, click here to schedule your call.

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