How An Entrepreneur Can Get Everything They Want In Life

“Everything you want (but don’t have) lies outside your comfort zone – – else you would already have it”

In early 2015, at an event that over 100 high-level entrepreneurs paid up to $5,000 for a ticket to attend – – I gave my first ever talk from the stage.

Scared and nervous do not even begin to illustrate how I felt in the moments before walking on stage…

….especially because the night before, I had ripped up the talk I’d been preparing for weeks and sketched out something completely different on a piece of scrap paper.

The talk I was going to give was teaching the core principles of my new book “Profit Hacking”. The book focuses around three main concepts:

  1. How to get more traffic to your website
  2. How to convert more of your traffic into leads and/or sales
  3. How to maximize the lifetime customer value of your conversions

Since coming out in December of 2014, Profit Hacking has spent 13 months straight in the top 20 for Amazon’s best selling books in the Web Marketing, Marketing, and Ecommerce categories. Thousands of entrepreneurs have read it and used what is taught in the book to grow their business and “hack” their profits.

Delivering the Profit Hacking content to that room of high-level entrepreneurs likely would have brought me a handful of clients & referrals but I wanted to talk about something different. The talk I gave was 10 minutes long but I’ve cut out the first 4 to get straight to the heart of the speech:


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