What’s Your Purpose for Doing Anything In Life?

Feel into the ultimate desire you have for your life.

Right now.

Close your eyes and see it. Touch it. Taste it.

Feel why you are doing anything at all in life.

While re-reading one of David Dieda’s books, I was prompted to do this and it caused pause and reflection.


Deep in thought, inspiration struck and I began writing and asking some weighty questions.

Why am I doing anything at all in life?

Why did I leave a great job with a good company where I worked with Fortune 500 – level clients to start my own conversion optimization agency?

Why did I struggle and hustle through long days to get my first clients?

Why did I devote hundreds to hours to write & publish a book?

Why have I spent tens of thousands of dollars on coaching, consulting, conferences, courses, books, and training over the past couple of years?

Why have I hired people and begun to create systems & structures in my business so that it could scale?

Why do I continue to dedicate several hours every day to reading, testing, writing, thinking about, & meditating on how to grow businesses as well as develop myself on a personal level?

The answers:



Growth & Expansion

What do your answers mean to you?

Only when you are in touch with the deepest, truest parts of yourself will your answers begin to surface and you can be in touch with why they happen to be your answers.

Here is what my answers mean to me:


To be able to say “yes” to life in every way I desire. Freedom means being able to say “yes” without a “but” immediately after. True freedom means time, money, or logistics would not get in the way….ever.


To be able to bring more love into the lives of others and into my life. Serving businesses and individuals who are out there making the world a better place so they can do what they do on a larger scale.

There are people and companies who are bringing comfort to the uncomfortable, health to the sick, hope to the downhearted, and opportunity to the disenfranchised.

After putting in significant time, money, and energy into understanding how to help companies increase their profits – my wish is to help those who spread love as a core component of business operations (or “modus operandi” for individuals).

Growth & Expansion

“Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of…knowing you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming.” – John Wooden

As mentioned in the article about Kobe Bryant, you must develop a complete disregard for where your abilities end.

Anything is possible. Expand your imagination for what you are capable of achieving and then exercise your courage for going after those “impossible” goals. Make it your business to achieve them.

In the meantime, master what is in front of you right now. Whatever that is (a relationship, a project, a conversation), make it the best you possibly can.

When you lead with your best and when you push yourself just a bit beyond your comfort zone, wonderful things begin to happen.

Are you living your answers without compromise?

After receiving those answers as well as the reasons why behind the answers, I felt really good….

…as if reconnecting with my purpose and core motivators was some incredible achievement.

And it is great to do that (of course!) but within two paragraphs, Dieda hit me over the head with the frying pan of truth.

(Metaphorically speaking)

I was forced to ask myself:

“Am I fully giving my gifts to the best of my ability? Am I being, acting, and living in a way that is completely aligned with my answers above?”

And the answer was “Fuck no…”

In that moment it fully dawned on me how many more businesses I could be serving to help them get better results from their websites, to help them do more good, and to help them grow their bottom line faster.

I realized how much more good I could do by providing more jobs, donating more of my time & money, and educating/inspiring/empowering more people in both professional + personal areas of their life.

And then Dieda must have taken another swing because I realized that because I was a “Fuck no…” to “Am I giving my gifts & living my answers fully?”, I am also a “Fuck no…” to this very important question:

“Am I enjoying as much freedom, love, and growth/expansion as I possibly can in this lifetime?”

Because there are still plenty of times where I feel called to something but have to say no due to money or time or logistics, because sometimes I don’t love every part of my life, and because a decent chunk of my days end with me feeling like I didn’t do my best to become the best I’m capable of becoming – – there is plenty of room for improvement.

I can feel it in my core…in my soul.

(If you’re in the same boat as me, please take a moment to honor & thank yourself for all the work you’ve done to get yourself to this point and be set up to continue to get better as time goes on.

I know I’m far more equipped to live in a way that fully honors my answers today than I was a year ago & I see the path forward to continue to move towards that ideal.)

What’s between you and every day being a “perfect day”?

Without getting too deep into minatue, let’s simply say that if you lived/acted in a way that was completely aligned with your answers above & if you moved yourself closer to your goals, then you lived a perfect day.

Maybe a better definition for a perfect day is that when you go to bed at night, you don’t feel any twinges of regret or incompleteness or dissonance due to not using your waking hours to the best of your ability.

You see, I once heard from Jesse Elder that the universe is your dance partner, but you must lead.

To get everything that you want, you must lead by giving everything that you’ve got. It’s fun to get into a state of curiosity over what will happen and how your life will change as you begin fully giving all of your gifts.

Analyze & decode what is standing in your way – – what is holding you back from offering all of your genius & talents, from completely harnessing all of your power, and truly fulfilling your potential.

What will happen when you are aware of those things and then begin overcoming and eliminating them?

Chances are your perfect day will begin to be delivered to you in lockstep with your lead in the dance.

For me there is a lot of discipline, daily consistency, elimination of distractions, and cultivation of courage between where I am and where I will be when I am regularly living my perfect day.

And I believe with every fiber of my being that I will get there. In fact, it’s probably not that far away.

The same can be true for you.

The Way

(Image Credit: Andrew Daar)

If you spend some time thinking about these things (or have in the past) and feel called to share the answers & the why behind them, I’d love to hear from you. Please share in the comments below as I read & respond to every one of them.

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