2015 Is The Year Of ________ or: How To Have Your Most Profitable Year Ever

Have you ever had the sneaking suspicion that your site is leaking money?

That there’s a version of your website that would turn more visitors into leads, subscribers, customers, and clients?

Well, there is some good news and some bad news for you:

You’re right.

That’s bad because your revenue (and impact) has been lower than what it could have been in the past.

That’s good because there is room for growth.

Let’s get down to the essence of what we’re talking about here:

Turning web visitors into leads, subscribers, customers, clients, etc is to convert them. To show them that you can help them & make their life better. That your product or service is the right solution to what they’re looking for.

Seeing as you are on ConversionForGood.com, it probably isn’t a huge shock that 2015 is:

The Year of Conversion

How can increasing your focus on Conversion this year lead to your most profitable year ever?

The answer is found in leverage and in mathematics.

Without getting too deep into conversion nerdery (which I am wont to do), let’s look at a simple example:

Your website gets 50,000 visitors per month and you convert 2% of them into customers.

Which seems like the smaller bridge to gap in order to double your revenue:

Doubling traffic from 50,000 visitors to 100,000 visitors per month


Doubling conversion from 2% to 4%

Just by sheer magnitude of the numbers, it’s generally easier to double 2% to 4%.

A side benefit of working on your conversion rate is that the higher your conversions are, the more valuable every visitor who comes to your site is.

All that work you do & investment you make to bring traffic to your site becomes more profitable and rewarding as your conversion rate rises.

Of course, the best thing would be to work on both sides of the equation and wind of with 100,000 visitors and have 4% of them convert into customers (which would lead to 4,000 buyers per month rather than 1,000).

The Critical Mistake

What many businesses do is they create their website and then more or less leave it as is. That is until they decide they aren’t satisfied with their conversion rate and decide to completely redesign the whole thing.

A complete redesign is a lengthy and expensive (in terms of money, time, & energy) process and there is no guarantee the new design will convert better than the old design.

When your website was created, it essentially was thousands of tiny assumptions that together make up the whole.

Assumptions of what colors, layouts, images, and words will most effectively show visitors why they should take the next step in a relationship with your business rather than bounce (and likely never return).

And you know what happens when you make assumptions….

….you’re bound to get some right and get some wrong. Each “wrong” assumption hurts your ability to authentically connect with your visitors. They hurt your ability to effectively communicate your story, your unique value, and why you are the best option for them. They hurt your ability to make your fullest impact on the world and to best fulfill your mission & purpose.

There’s got to be a better way, right?

The Evolution of Your Website, Revenue, and Impact

There definitely is a better way. It’s an “evolutionary” approach to increasing conversions (as opposed to the “radical” approach of complete website redesigns).

Just like anything worthwhile (i.e. getting in excellent physical shape or building a business), the evolutionary approach takes time & commitment.

But it is essentially a guarantee that you will increase the conversion rate of your website (and therefore the profits earned + impact made by your business) with this approach.

There is so much I have to say about this approach and how to get the results you want as quickly & effectively as possible that I could write wrote a book about it (and am in the process of writing a second book).

You can get the book, Profit Hacking, from Amazon in Paperback or Kindle.

The book has over 34 reviews with a 4.94 (out of 5) star rating & has received positive reviews from best selling authors & successful entrepreneurs including James Altucher, Lewis Howes, and more.

If reading my book isn’t the right fit for you now (FYI: it takes 90 minutes tops even for slow readers to get through), you can join the Profit Hacking Insiders and I’ll send you some PDFs, audios, and videos that will help you increase your profits (but I highly recommend the book as a key starting point).

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